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"CWFA is a wonderful organisation offering a safe space for kids to try on new activities, experiences, make new friends and explore the many benefits of physical activities. Perfect for a healthy body and mind and happy parents who can breathe for few hours while kids are having fun. 🎉 Brilliant team with young, creative, friendly staff helping kids grow outside of their comfort zone, perfect for their growth mindset journey. They truly bring magical moments into the lives of children and once the kids are done with their multi-activities session, lunch was ready and served with love and care. (Vegetarian and halal options available which is fab!) The summer camp was perfect and all kids from age 3 to 19 could find a suitable activity. Truly hope it will be running again soon. We will miss it "💕💕💕

Nana, Sep 2021

"The Canary Wharf Football Academy is a well organised scheme. All of the coaches are friendly, professional and have the children's best interests at heart. There are a variety of activities which suit children from all ages and abilities. The coaches guide the children and support them in learning new skills and consistently promote positive engagement. My son, has benefited from this scheme through enhancing his skills, creating new friendships, and building his confidence. This inclusive scheme has provided my son with a range of transferable skills. I am extremely happy and look forward to the next scheme!! Thank you to everybody involved in making my son's summer."

Natasha, Aug 2020

"Canary Wharf Football Academy is wonderful. From day one, they treat you like a member of the family. All the coaches are kind and caring using the children's names immediately. There is a real sense of community with families from all backgrounds joining in. T he mummies have even started a walking club to improve the whole family's fitness. CWFA has been a real positive addition to our lives. If anyone is looking for a great club to join, I would strongly recommend giving this a try!"

P. S. Suarez, Aug 2020

"Great local football academy, dedicated fully qualified coaches who are great role models for the children. I would highly recommend this academy. All the children are making great progress with their skills, this is all down to the encouragements of their coaches."

S. Adrien, Jan 2019

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